The TechFIN Computers

All of our computers are loaded with enough software to enable a child to complete his or her school work through high school, enable a parent to initiate a job search and/or take online classes and enable a curious mind to tap the World Wide Web for its limitless information. To ensure both the security of the donor and the computer’s ultimate recipient, TechFIN uses PDWipe to perform a declassified drive wipe. This wiping algorithm exceeds that specified by the Department of Defense DOD 5220.22-M specification for both “clearing” and “purging” of sensitive information on Hard Drives.

Sustainable & Efficient

At an average cost below $150 per machine, TechFIN’s sustainable solution to help narrow the digital divide is also the cheapest.

While there is little doubt one can find a computer online for under $100, it will not boost the processing speed, memory, or hard drive capacity of a TechFIN machine. It will also most certainly be obsolete. TechFIN’s cost-advantaged solution is enabled by the generous hardware donations of our corporate hardware partners. As such, TechFIN only has to bear the cost of shipping and revitalization. Donated machines have their hard drives wiped clean of all data. The machines are tested, upgraded when necessary (usually by adding memory or replacing minor components), and delivered to low-income families with the help of our non-profit partners.

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