The TechFIN Computers

All of our computers are loaded with the software necessary to enable a user to complete school work (K – college), job search, participate in continuing education, and countless other tasks that require a PC in today’s digital society. To ensure both the security of the donor and the computer’s ultimate recipient, TechFIN uses BitRaser to perform a secure and certified hard drive erasure. BitRaser generates a 100% tamper-proof certificate that ensures compliance with EU-GDPR, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA & other international data protection regulations such as NIST 800-88 Clear, NIST 800-88 Purge, DoD 3 or 7 Passes, HMG, etc.

Sustainable & Efficient

At an average cost $130 per machine, TechFIN’s sustainable solution to help narrow the digital divide is also the cheapest.

While there is little doubt one can find a computer online for under $200, it will not match the hardware specifications (processor, memory, storage, etc.) of a TechFIN PC. This is due to the fact that the bulk of the PCs donated were previously used to support the needs of today’s workforce. A comparable machine would easily cost $400 – 500. TechFIN’s cost-advantaged solution is enabled by the generous hardware donations of our corporate hardware partners. As such, TechFIN only has to bear the cost of shipping and revitalization. Donated machines have their hard drives purged of all data. The machines are refurbished, often upgraded (e.g., adding RAM or adding USB-Wi-Fi adapters for dekstops, etc.), and delivered to low-income families at no cost with the help of our non-profit partners.

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